They can also say which they like best following the examples in the book. Курсы курсов профессиональной переподготовки от 7 руб. Ask PP to make a line of the route of the Silk Road You can do this activity in groups too to do it easily and fast. It can be done later. Then check their answers.

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Say the words and ask PP to repeat after you in chorus, rows and individually. Is that the place where Captain James Cook landed in ? The theme of our lesson is Having friends Presentation Open your books at p 20 ex.

Explain that at the end of the debate the Chairperson will ask them to vote. If аншлийскому are against, raise your hand Counts.

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How old is this building? Have you got these shoes in size 8, please? Ask PP to listen to the tape and answer the questions. Thank you for your idea about the advertising hoardings.

Поурочные планы по английскому языку 7 класс (Т.Аяпова.) | Английский язык | так то ЕНТ

What have you learnt today? This gives PP a chance to practise expressing their ideas privately before expressing them to the rest of the class.

We also have a pre-school programme for small children who come four days a week. Explain that you will not take part in the debate. Oh, yes, I agree.


Отработка новых глаголов плавно переходит в проверку домашнего задания. To keep the feedback lively, ask each groups to say what they liked about the first letter, then about the second letter, etc.

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яязыку Все классы Дошкольники 1 класс 2 класс 3 класс 4 класс 5 класс 6 класс 7 класс 8 класс 9 класс 10 класс 11 класс. You could do Grammar Exercise 1 here to practise the new comparative form. Write the sentence down and hand it to the teacher. If the debate is only partially successful, and if you have time, you could repeat the debate.

Примерные поурочные планы по английскому языку, 7 класс

If you think it will help your pupils you can explain as follows. Monday and Thursday are for diving fans. Because there is a dinosaur path in the mountains near our village The village is very famous because there is a dinosaur path in the mountains near the village. Компьютер, диск для прослушивания аудио записей Карточки для отработки фонетического материала Картинки с различными занятиями Таблица для выполнения упражнения Таблица времен группы Simple Фонетический материал: PP answers will vary because every word in the first column can make a new word with the words in the second column.


We decided not to go to the countryside. Travelling in Russia and Abroad Step 1. You will need them for feedback.

Поурочное планирование по английскому языку

PP ask аеглийскому answer about their favourite activities. Повторить неправильные глаголы, помочь учащимся усвоить новые аспекты данного раздела граммтики. После того, как дети вспомнили неправильные глаголы, им представляется новый глагол could. Bks and then complete it as they read the text. The theme of our lesson is Fast Food Restaurants.

Listen and repeat Practice Ex. Play the first part of the tape, ask PP about their answers, play the tape once more and stop after each answer on the tape so that any PP who got the answer wrong can hear the correct answer.